DocuWare connector (DW Result list Integration Tool)

User Guide




Step 1:

Provide information for DocuWare connection. Search and open the DocuWare Setup page.


Fill in the following data:

  • User
  • Password
  • Passphrase
  • Server URL



User and password are the login info for the DocuWare account.


Passphrase is optional. It is used for automatic login when opening a new DocuWare window. Only DocuWare administrators have access to this information.


Server URL is the address for the running DocuWare server and is required to have this “https://{server}” format. (e.g.  ““)



Step 2:

Search and open the DocuWare Result List page.


Choose the Page Id to create a new result list. Put in a label that describes this result list.

Copy a Result List GUID (Id) from DocuWare, which indicates which search list from your DocuWare is going to be used.


See How to get Result List GUID in DocuWare below.


Step 3:

Navigate to search filters by clicking on action Result List Filters.



Define filters for the selected Result List. Add a new row for each search condition.


Page Name and Table Name fields will be automatically populated.


Define the following fields to create a condition for the result list filter:

  • DocuWare Field Name
  • Filter Sign
  • Field Id or Fixed Type and Fixed Value


DocuWare Field Name is the name of the column in the DocuWare result list. The name must exactly match the one in DocuWare.


Filter Sign is the operator between the field and the value. It can have one of the following values: Equal, Like, Higher, Higher and Equal, Lower, Lower and Equal.

Like is used for complex fixed text filters. (e.g. “N*”, which results in showing all results where the field value starts with N).


Selecting a Field Id indicates which filter value is going to be applied to the DocuWare field, where the field value is provided from the record that is selected on the page at the moment of opening the result list link.


Fixed Type is referring to the type of the Fixed Value, which can be Text, Number or Date.


When Fixed Value is populated, the filter is always going to take the fixed value, while the field value is going to be ignored.

Use either Field Id or Fixed Value for a single filter row, to set the filter value. Using both is redundant, because the Fixed Value always has the priority.


In the example shown on the images above, a record was created for the Customer List page in DocuWare Result List table with label “Sales Invoices 2020” and a valid Result List GUID. After that, the filters for the search have been defined, which are equivalent to following:

DocuWare column Document Date has a value that is higher or equal than Fixed Value 01-01-20.

[Document Date] >= 01-01-2020


DocuWare column Document Date has a value that is lower or equal than Fixed Value 31-12-20.

[Document Date] <= 31-12-2020


DocuWare column Customer Name has a value that is equal to the value of the field ID 2 (Name) from the currently selected customer on the Customer List page in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

[Customer Name] = “Spotsmeyer’s Furnishings”

(based on the selected customer in the last part of the example, the part below)


Based on the filters and the Result List GUID, the selected result list is constructed and displayed in the browser.


Step 4:

Run the action on one of the pages that have the DocuWare link.


Select one of the created result lists.


Pressing OK opens the link in the browser to the selected Result List with applied filters as previously set.

In case the user has not already been logged into DocuWare web client and does not have passphrase provided in the DocuWare setup, a login will be required to access the result list.


How to get Result List GUID in DocuWare


To see all File Cabinets in DocuWare, copy the URL with replaced {server} into a web browser:



To see all Result Lists and their GUID in one File Cabinet, copy the URL with replaced {server} and {FileCabinetId} (which is retrieved from the first URL) into a web browser:




To find Result List GUIDs from DocuWare web client, go through the following steps:


Log in to DocuWare WebClient. Open Configurations.



Navigate to File Cabinets.


Open Dialogs of one of the file cabinets.



Open one of the available dialogs that is of type Result.



In the window Configure the Result List, scroll down to the bottom of the window and select More options.


At the bottom of the window is the ID, which is the Result List GUID.



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